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Конноспортивный комплекс Карцево
Конноспортивный комплекс Карцево
Благотворительный Фонд помощи конникам «ВАНЯ»

About Friesians

Frisian horse. Smart, majestic, attracts the eye and warms the soul. Combining elegant exterior and wonderful nature. A horse with an ancient history and a big warm heart. The owners of the Frisians is well familiar with the deepest affection that can occur between man and horse.

Due to the unique nature, Friesians are perfect for people who are not an experienced riders. These horses fulfill the needs of modern man in a relaxing and enjoyable adventures. They can become partners in dressage or recreational driving. Friesian horses has the versatility, health and a bright exterior: long lines, black color, thick long mane, tail and brush-friezes on the feet.

We always have for sale Friesian horses born in Holland and Russia, with Dutch papers. All our horses are inspected by KFPS (Royal Studbook of the Friesian horses).